A gift that inspires

Exotic wood

When one of our Handcrafted Pushka’s is gifted, the exotic woods used, identifies the Gift as a unique handcrafted Gift. Exotic woods are woods very often used in artistic handcrafted boxes such as Jewelry boxes.. and a recipient will often be familiar with the woods, making it a unique and exciting gift.


Maple - Lacewood

Walnut - Zebrawood

Mahogany - Birds eye Maple

White oak - Wenge

White oak - Zebrawood

Limited editions

Walnut- Birdseye maple


We ordered a nice amount of Pushkas from ‘Boruch Designed’ for Shalach Manos, I was very pleased with the quality and the design, I know that the recipients were pleased as well as I have seen the Pushkas up on the walls in their houses

Rabbi Levi Nejar  Baltimore, MD

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My work

Bima Shtender

Behind the Pushka

Starting off my woodworking hobby, I would create different creative woodworking projects. As I would present my projects to different people many of them would ask me if I can build a Pushka that can be firmly affixed to the wall. They would say how they looked all over and can not find a Tzdaka box that was presentable and can be affixed to the wall (one that wasn’t just hanging on a screw). They wanted it to be fully affixed to the wall, like this they said, it would be fulfilling a directive of the Rebbe of which the Rebbe stated would bring “blessings with no limit to the home” and “Not to not wait even one night”.

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